NYLON guys Cords & Denim features in the current issue include VBN pants (bottom row, second from left) and a Won Hundred shirt (top left)

Latest issue of ELLE shines a light on IRO’s chic & shearling denim jacket!


oncewheniwas:  Never not in love with @nakedandfamousdenim #capsuleny

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Sportswear International, as per usual, know their style.

Big love to Won Hundred and Surface to Air.

Surface To Air patched jeans grace the inside of Glamour magazine this month!

ELLE loves a bit of Won Hundred denim! But then again who doesn’t?

OAK NYC jeans are always a #goodlook - as demonstrated by Curtis on Monsieur Jerome

Everyone loves denim, but it’s kinda hard to get away with wearing tight bluejeans all summer when even wearing anything with sleeves seems like some kind of weird, sweaty torture. ELLE agrees, and suggests we all invest in some Won Hundred cuffed shorts to keep cool and cute!

Available at www.farfetch.com for $123


Oak Black Drop Skinny Jean

Back in May, Cosmo took their focus off of Khloe K for one sneaky second and featured a pair of WON HUNDRED jeans in their “Guy Confessions” section! I haven’t read it, but I think they all confessed that they’re all dying for a pair…

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So many good-looking things on one WWD page! Featuring Won Hundred’s “Orville” denim vest.